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Learn how to advance your climate change agenda.

CCIWA recognises we have a role to play supporting businesses adapt to and mitigate climate change. This page provides tools and resources to help your business navigate the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities.

We want to update and add to these resources over time, and to connect like-minded business owners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. If your business would like to get involved, please fill out our survey.


Why act now?

Reduce costs

Adopting energy saving practices and technologies can raise profits by reducing costs.

Open new markets

Offering climate friendly products, services or business models may create new opportunities and attract new customers, employees and business partners.

Gain a competitive advantage

SMEs who understand their emissions and have targets may have a competitive advantage in winning and keeping contracts with customers who have emission targets for their supply chain.

3 steps to getting started

When it comes to reducing emissions, it can be hard to know where to start.

For businesses wanting to be certified as carbon neutral, the Australian Government’s Climate Active partnership can connect you with consultants who can help you through the process.

For businesses who want a simpler, speedier approach, this
Guide for boards and management, and the 1.5 Degree Playbook, contain guidelines for companies of all sizes to set targets, strategy and actions.

Want to get a feel for your current level of emissions?

Carbon Neutral, a CCIWA member, provides a simple carbon calculator you can use to get a broad estimate of your carbon footprint.

To better understand and reduce your business’ vulnerability to climate change, you need robust scientific information.

CSIRO is leading the research to improve Australia’s preparedness. Its Strengthening Australia’s resilience to climate change website will equip you with practical and effective adaptation options.

The Federal Government’s Climate Change in Australia is another dedicated site providing access to climate information, projections, tools and data for Australia.

The WA Government’s Climate Science Initiative will eventually provide you with the latest climate science and knowledge for WA. Register on this page to keep up to date with the latest future Climate Science initiatives.

Are you on your journey?

Our team at CCIWA are always looking to showcase WA Businesses that are on their Climate Change journey.

If you’d like to share your story, get in touch with our team today.

CCIWA Grant Finder

Federal and State governments from time-to-time issue grants for businesses to support climate change mitigation and adaptation. CCIWA can help connect you with the grants on offer.