Our Emissions

How we compare.

The facts about our contribution to global emissions.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions have increased by four per cent since 2005. But our net emissions — the emissions we produce less the amount we take out of the atmosphere — have fallen by 20 per cent since 2005, which is faster than every other major commodity-exporting nation of a similar size.

Australia and comparable countries

Net emissions over time

Source: OECD and Global Carbon Project

Notes: (a) There is no data for Brazil and Saudi Arabia after 2016. (b) Mt CO2e = million metric tonnes​

The largest amount of emissions come from electricity, gas, water and waste, but emissions from mining are growing fastest. Emissions from electricity and the land sector (e.g., agriculture and forestry) have been falling, which has offset increasing emissions from mining, transport, construction, and the residential sector.

Australian emissions by sector

Source: Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

WA is the fourth largest emitting state in Australia. Other states have reduced their net emissions since 2005, but WA’s have increased. Our performance relative to other States reflects the different industrial make-up of our economy. States like Victoria, whose economies rely less on ‘difficult to abate’ industries, have a much easier task reducing net emissions.

WA and other States

Net emissions over time

Source: Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Notes: Mt CO2e = million metric tonnes​

Several sectors have contributed to increasing emissions in WA. Due to rising global demand for WA’s resources, the mining sector has contributed significantly to this growth. However, over the long term it is expected to make a major contribution to global emissions reduction, including as a producer, exporter and user of green hydrogen; the critical minerals needed for clean energy technologies; and LNG.

Sectors in WA

Emissions over time

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Source: Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Notes: Mt CO2e = million metric tonnes​

WA’s mining sector is also integral to our prosperity and well-being. Its contribution to WA’s economy far outstrips the contribution of any other sector in any other State.

Economic contribution of emissions intensive industries

By State

Source: ABS

Notes: (a) Only emissions intensive industries are shown separately, for ease of comparison. (b) ‘Other industries’ includes all other industries.