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If implemented, these recommendations would support the WA business community to tackle the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities presented by climate change.

There needs to be better coordination across States, Territories and levels of government on climate change policy to provide direction and certainty to businesses.
To better coordinate policy efforts in WA, the WA Government should establish an independent advisory body on climate change which includes business representation.
We support there being a nation-wide price on carbon, and this could be done through strengthening and expanding existing mechanisms.
CCIWA supports the Federal Government’s formalisation of a new 2030 target for Australia of 43 per cent. This target should be achievable by 2030.
The WA Government should not legislate its emissions reduction targets, as doing so now would create risks for the WA business community.
The WA Government must consult with industry when setting its 2030 target and deciding whether further interim targets are required.
We support public reporting of progress against targets, but this must not create duplicative red-tape for businesses.
WA Government agencies must be appropriately resourced to carry out the extensive industry engagement required to develop Sectoral Emissions Reduction Strategies.
The WA Government must continue to remove barriers to businesses investing in large-scale, low-cost renewable energy projects and other emissions reduction projects.
Governments must address barriers to attracting the climate-related skills we need from overseas, as well as support businesses to skill up locals.
The WA Government must develop its Climate Resilience Action Plan 2022-25, as the Plan will help businesses to manage the unavoidable impacts of climate change.
CCIWA commits to proactively empowering, educating and supporting the WA business community in adapting to and mitigating climate change.

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